Our Story

cutting-hari1We grew up in the salon business. Our father “Mr. Anthony” was a passionate hair stylist and salon owner since the 1960’s, starting  his business in Greenwich, CT. As children, we swept floors and answered phones. Mr. Anthony was a pioneer and education was important.  Whether it was razor cuts and teased beehive hairdos of the 60’s or Olympic skater Dorothy Hamill’s haircut in the 70’s he was in on it.  He even became the first male in the state of CT to become a certified Esthetician and Massage Therapist.   Sunday mornings were the best, the salon was closed and our Dad was off, Frank Sinatra and Jerry Vale records played on the stereo.  Christmastime meant bottles of wine under the tree, gifts from his wonderful clients.  As adults, we became staff and eventually co-owners of La Jolie. Cheryl holds the title of Master Stylist and Colorist and Toni is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Esthetician. Not only are we proud to have achieved these levels professionally but we are also very proud of our talented and knowledgeable staff of professionals who share our passion for excellence.


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